Recognized as a technical visionary and author, Richard Eastman, President of The Eastman Group, Inc. often writes about his views on current events and topics regarding the travel industry and the world around us.  These comments are sent to a select group of individuals known to Mr. Eastman.  Thus, Off-The-Wall Comments (OTWC) are reflectons of his opinion and interpretation of events in the travel industry.


OTWC are posted on the web after initial release and are intended to be thought provoking or used as a reference as we look at the future of distribution and travel automation.  Not all OTWC are posted due to proprietary or other confidential material.


This material is copyrighted by Mr. Eastman.  All rights are reserved.  Any use for any purpose must be in context of the original material and must contain credit to the author.


"Off the Wall Comment(s)" were written regularly through 2007.  In the interim, Mr. Eastman wrote essays and articles on request.  The evolving transformation of travel product distribution is finally fulfilling much of what early OTWC foretold and a new series of "Off the Wall Comment(s) is Mr. Eastman's response to this new interest and many queries as to what is happening.


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