Tuesday, February 6, 2007

third post

Okay, i posted a comment. You can allow comments only from registered users, Anonymous users, or other.

So far, this seems fairly simple and straightforward. I will try other things while writing them down.

Blog 2

Okay, i was able to change the template. This is a new background from the one i had previously. The dashboard lets you choose from a number of different templates. You can also change settings for publishing, formatting, comments, archiving, site feed, email, and permissions. You can also edit the page elements. I will add an page element to the bottom of the blog. Things you can add are: List, link list, picture, text, HTML/javascript, adSense, Feed, Labels, Logo, Profile, blog Archive, and Page Header. I will add an "I Power Blogger" logo and a picture on the bottom of the page.

I will add comments to my first blog.

My First Blog

This is my first blog.

This is the typing space.

I can edit the font, font size, & type.

I can also align and add images.
I can also change the template, which i will try later, in the next blog.
I can also allow reader comments.
That's the end of my first blog.